Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm not crazy, just adventurous.
I saved my nickels and dimes to purchase these Vibram Five Fingers KSO's. Size 42.
If my talking about shoes, toes and running doesn't interest you, skip down to the pictures below of our cabin for a moment, then go about your day like nothing happened.
If such talk of little piggies is interesting, read on.
I first saw a pair of these at the Mystic Mountain Trail race in South Dakota. I didn't know what they were at the time. But I figured if the guy could run the same 8+ mile trail that I just did in these things, they must be ok.
I tried on a pair of 41's last week and that was enough to convince me I wanted a pair.
I waited until a pair of 42's was available to try before I committed. I liked them better. My foot measures about 10-3/8". (That will mean something to others who are considering a pair-...or to you ladies out there...)

I went for my first run yesterday. 3.2 miles (sub 8:00 pace) on very rough gravel road. Maybe not a great choice for run #1, but I needed to know if stone bruising is going to be an issue. I think it will be an issue, but I hope it goes down with time and/or my choice of trails.
After finally getting to the point where I can run 20 miles in regular shoes without blisters and without duct tape (an well used trick used by runners that works better than band-aids), I was hesitant to change up my footwear so drastically.
But these VFF's present a unique opportunity to run more naturally. Hard to argue with that. My running style lends itself perfectly to these already so my transition should be shorter than others who will try them.
I am a very upright runner with a short gait (quick turnover). My heels never touch the ground as I land on the balls of my feet. Also known as forefoot or midfoot running.

I did feel like I was developing some blisters in a new spot if I had run much farther. On the bottom of both big toes. That's a new one. I'll have to work these in gradual, I guess.

Otherwise, I can say that I love the extreme light weight. I should spend some more time just wearing them around but I don't think the steel company I work for this time of year is ready for them and I'm usually barefoot at home so I'll have to pick my spots.

Stay tuned. If I get some feedback and know that people are reading this, I'll continue.

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