Monday, August 24, 2009

Dog Days

Here are some of the latest pictures of the cabin.
It is noteworthy that:
A: The Garden filled in quite nicely despite the weekly hail storms and frequent un-announced frosts
B: The carport arrived and was built the day before we left. Hopefully, this will protect the truck enough so the engine block doesn't freeze. The installers complained that the ground was too rocky and they could not pound the anchors in the ground. I told them I would pick up the hammer and show them how its done after I saw 6 bloody hands. I was paying for an installed carport, and it was not installed until the anchors were in the ground.
C: I left one project for next summer. Even though I got a partition wall up in the basement, we have not decided on flooring yet for the bedroom down there. And I need to put paneling or siding up on the walls built. It is nice cool work. I wish I was there now...