Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two more runs under my belt with the Vibram Five Fingers or as my wife calls them, my "FingerToe" shoes.
But this blog is more about run #2.
I had over 500 miles of travel on last Friday with a 2 hour meeting squeezed in down in Houston. So I knew I would be up for a break and a run somewhere along the way.
The incessant rain made me wonder about my plans but not give them up.
I took my running gear with me and planned a stop in College Station, TX. The home of Texas A&M University.
I knew the George Bush (Sr.) Library was there and I knew there was lots of grassland around it.
What I didn't know was that the sports complex was so close and they were apparently getting ready for an upcoming X-C race on campus.
Because I stumbled upon the most beautifully manicured and marked trail that wound around the tennis, baseball, amd soccer fields.
The course was trimmed of any overhanging branches from the nearby trees and had been recently mowed. I could have easily run the 1.5+ mile course barefoot.
I did a few laps all well under 8:00/mi pace.
Even though things were wet, the shoes did well. But not exceptional. They can be slick on mud. And long grass is a hassle between the toes. I also think that too much water just makes your feet soaked and wet feet tend to be more susceptible to blisters, etc. But the course was so immaculate, there was no real concern.
I took this picture just around the corner where you could see Kyle Field in the background.
I also ran today at the nearby hospital. They have a 1 mile walking track. It is all concrete but I could step off to the side for about 1/2 of it to run on the grass. Again, mud and grass between the toes is a pain but not a deal breaker.

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