Friday, July 17, 2009

Finished the deck on the back of the house. The style was to let it flow out the back door. No handrails, just kind of spills you out-of-doors.
The decking and trim is made from a recycled fiber. I hammered the grain raised to cover the screws. How was I supposed to know the cat was under there?

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am humbled by the growing season. I am used to a long hot growing season in Texas. And good deep soil. Here, in South Dakota, I deal with 6" of top soil, rocks, sloping ground, and 30°-40° nights at any time of the year. Here is our present solution. Doing remarkably well. But I can't but think all we are doing is growing veggies for the neighbors because none of it will be ready before we leave.


Scott came up to spend some time with Trevor last week. Here is the last haul they brought home.


We are nearly complete with one of our summer projects. We decided we needed a deck on the back to have a spot for the BBQ and to keep from tracking in too much dirt in through the back door. Here is a couple of pictures of the progress. We used Choicedek recycled materials because this is the north side of the house and it may get a good coat of winter snow.