Friday, November 14, 2008

While we are away, the mice will play. I know one or two little critters get in now and then. I ca deal with that. What I can't control are the forces of Mother Nature. In the last few weeks, the area has been pounded by an early November storm. Thousands of folks in nortwestern SD were without power for about a week. We took some steps late in the summer to control the effects of heavy snow. We added storm doors front and back. I was convinced that pounding rain and snow drift buildup were making its way through the doors without them. I think we are in better shape now. Time will tell.
The other thing that has happened recently is a forst fire just a few hundred yards away. Very scary. It's not really the season for that sort of thing so it didn't spread fast and there were plenty of folks available nearby to control it. Our land backs up to the National Forest and a power line came down somehow and started a 10 acre fire that nearly took our neighbors house out. I feel with the others there, they will always do whatever is necessary to keep the structures safe. But that part of the forest is too thick and sickly. It needs to be thinned something awful. To bad there are not many economically viable trees nearby or the private sector would be more willing to come in and help out.

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