Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are you finished, yet?

Hot enough for you? Are we there yet? Is is finished yet? These are the kinds of annoying questions that we all want answered.

Are we finished? Depends on who you ask. The county appraisers say we are 95% finished. They have a point system for everything that is not done. We want them to think we are not finished to keep our taxes down.
We want the insurance company to think we are so it will be insured for replacement costs. The building permit and elec permit is good for another 8-9 months but easily renewable. All the inspectors have been easy to work with if not relentless in their observances.

Let me just say it is ultimately livable. Next years projects will center around some tile in the bathroom. Somewhere along the line we would like a carport and/or storage building. That will free us up to finish the basement.
A nice deck on the back of the house for the grill and hot tub would really set things off.

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