Friday, September 19, 2008

Feels like home.

It is kinda wierd having two homes. It is to the point where we can walk into either place and fall into a routine like we never left.
When we can back to Texas this time, it was more of an adjustment than usual as the the little fild mice had moved in and nibbled on sme strange items. It took a solid week of glue traps to clean the place up. We caught 5 before we were confident we were clean again.
But just look at the living area of our little cabin. Isn't it inviting? No mice allowed!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We've come a long way, baby!

It blows my mind when I stop and think about what you can acomplish if you set your mind to it. What astounds me even more is what DOESN'T get done by many people.
I would rue the day if I looks back on my life over 3-5 years or more and realized I was in the same rut, bitchin' about the same old thing day after day.
If that is you, get off your but and DO something about it. Start out one day at a time and at the end of the day ask yourself, "Am I better off now than when I got up this morning?"
If the answer is no, you just wasted another day of your life.
Don't waste tommorow. DO something. Even if it's wrong. (that last part courtesy of Tom Uecker)

Who do you want to be?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are you finished, yet?

Hot enough for you? Are we there yet? Is is finished yet? These are the kinds of annoying questions that we all want answered.

Are we finished? Depends on who you ask. The county appraisers say we are 95% finished. They have a point system for everything that is not done. We want them to think we are not finished to keep our taxes down.
We want the insurance company to think we are so it will be insured for replacement costs. The building permit and elec permit is good for another 8-9 months but easily renewable. All the inspectors have been easy to work with if not relentless in their observances.

Let me just say it is ultimately livable. Next years projects will center around some tile in the bathroom. Somewhere along the line we would like a carport and/or storage building. That will free us up to finish the basement.
A nice deck on the back of the house for the grill and hot tub would really set things off.